The Unbelievable Benefits Of Country Life For Your Children

Moving to the country and enjoying all that it has to offer is the dream of many adults, but it has benefits for children too. Unfortunately, there are not enough country houses to accommodate everybody. A sizeable proportion of those on the market are also out of the price range of an average family.

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Is it worth taking on a big mortgage in order to move to an idyllic location if you have a family? Let’s take a look today, at the unbelievable benefits of country life for your children.


When we think of the country, we see a lush, green environment with birdsong and sunshine. Though not all places are perfect, the tranquility they afford is priceless. Sometime during your day pause for a moment and listen to all of the sounds that bombard you. They have become so familiar that we hardly notice them anymore, but they must have an effect on our subconscious mind. Our minds constantly process this ‘clutter’, and it must play with the way we feel. Imagine how peaceful surroundings give your mind a chance to rest from the noise of the town. Your children will hear birdsong and may even learn to relax more than they ever have before. Even if you cannot move to the wilderness, Gleadless auction properties are only a stones throw away from local woods and a park. Your kids can experience tranquility there.


In the country, you and your children are more likely to become part of an active community that takes their time to get to know one another. Compare that to the way people act in the cities and suburbs, where they will not give each other the time of day. It is no wonder that some kids behave badly and even turn to crime there, where their victims are faceless, so they feel no guilt. In a community, you learn respect for others and their property.


You cannot put a price on the ability to play in the fields and woodland. Many kids only get to experience it when they go on school trips, which is a shame. Your children would have the space they need to let their imagination fly.


Children love nature in all forms; whether it is the local plant life or animals. In the country, they will have an endless supply of creepy crawlies and other creatures to track down and investigate. Maybe they will find birds nests with eggs and wait until they hatch, or catch newts in the local pond. There is always something to do when you live in the right location, and best of all it is free.

The Internet

Just because you live in the country doesn’t mean that your children will lose touch with their friends. The internet has transformed the way we live and worldwide communications are at the fingertips of us all. Most properties in the UK now have internet access, so it is easy for them to keep up with their peers.

Have I convinced you? If you would like to move in the future, start looking for a property now. It might take a long time to find the chocolate box cottage of your dreams. Good luck!

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