The Pros/Cons Of Plastic Surgery!


Everyone like to try and look their best. We all have different techniques of making yourself look beautiful. Most of these are temporary measures we use when we’re going out and want to look nice. However, there are more drastic procedures, like plastic surgery, which can be used as permanent beauty fixes. Plastic surgery isn’t for everyone, but some people wish to go through with it. Knowing the pros/cons of plastic surgery can help you understand it more, and decide whether it’s the thing for you.


Permanent fix

Having plastic surgery can provide a permanent fix to some of your beauty problems. Instead of waking up every morning and applying wrinkle cream, botox will take care of your wrinkles for life. Likewise, breast implants can stop you implementing techniques to make your breasts look that little bit bigger.


There are many different procedures to choose from. You aren’t short on variety. No matter what issue you have with your looks, there’s usually a procedure to help.

Confidence Boosting

Many women go for plastic surgery because they’re low in confidence. Plastic surgery can bring a serious confidence boost to your life. For some women, plastic surgery can be life changing. It’s never nice to feel self-conscious and not like the way you look. So getting plastic surgery can help you come out of your shell.



There’s an element of risk with plastic surgery. You need to trust your surgeon. For women, it can be better to hire a female plastic surgeon, as they can identify with you better. Still, there are lots of things that can go wrong in plastic surgery. Which makes it a very risky decision.

Healing Time

A lot of procedures require you to take time out to heal, which can be frustrating. If you work, then you may have limited days off, and plastic surgery could take up all your holidays. Which could mean no summer vacation for you this year!


Plastic surgery can be very costly. It’s a lot more expensive that buying cosmetic products, that’s for sure. Is it really worth spending all that money? It depends on who you are to be honest. For some, the cost may mean nothing. For others, it can be a problem.

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To sum things up; there are many pros and cons to plastic surgery. Before you decide on having plastic surgery, you must take the time to consider your options. Is it really what I need? Of course, the decision is entirely up to you and no-one will judge you for it. Just remember there are other ways you can enhance your beauty, without surgery. Changing your diet can vastly improve your appearance and well-being. For a lot of women, after going through pregnancy, and caring for a family, it can be easy to forget about your health. So you eat junk that isn’t good for you. Eating healthy foods can improve your beauty thanks to all the good nutrients/vitamins. Plastic surgery doesn’t have to be your only option, so think long and hard before going through with it!

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