Glamorous Getaways I’d Love to Go On


Michael Gwyther-Jones


The great British weather hasn’t been consistent as hoped for and though I get to travel for work sometimes, there’s not much opportunity to catch some sun as much as I would want to. As great as it is going away with the kids, I would love to go away with my husband. So I’ve been dreaming. about where I would go if I could get away again. ┬áHere are some of top destinations on my stylish travel list.




There are lots of glamorous things about Barcelona and so far, everyone that I know has has been tells me it’s great and one city that I would love. The city has incredible architecture, lots of sun, beaches and not to mention a whole lot of delicious food. There are lots of stylish boutique hotels to choose from, whether you want modern or more traditional. Some of them have terraces with fantastic views of the city. As well as seeing some of the city’s architecture, especially all the Gaudi structures, I would love to get some shopping done. There’s a huge range of places to shop. They range from familiar favourites like Zara to local Spanish brands. It’s the perfect city break / holiday destination – it’s great for hustle and bustle of you like sightseeing but also chilled and relaxing if you want just a lazy holiday.


South of France


The south of France, and specifically the Cote D’Azur, has been the place to be for celebs for ages. Everyone knows about their favourite places to go. They include St Tropez and Cannes, especially when the film festival is on. It’s not cheap to spend a holiday there, but you would certainly be living in the lap of luxury. I would love to stay in luxury accommodation like this one. I like the beautiful villas you can find all over France (airbnb is great for this), one with a swimming pool, of course! And when I’m not lounging by the pool in my bikini, I’d have to go shopping, or at least browsing, in all the designer stores and boutiques.


Necker Island, British Virgin Islands


Okay, so maybe this one is a bit of a stretch. But you can’t say it’s not glamorous. This island belongs to Richard Branson, and it’s definitely a top place to spot celebs. There’s probably not much there to do with style and fashion, but it’s fashionable enough all on its own. Normally you have to hire the whole idyllic island, but you can also book a room on special weeks. The island’s Instagram has hot tubs, white beaches and turquoise seas. And people running across the sand like they’re on Baywatch.


Cartagena, Colombia


Cambodia wasn’t on my mind or on the list. Until a colleague mentioned and and showed some amazing pictures, now I too, want to visit at some point. A lot of people don’t know much about Colombia beyond its reputation for drugs and Shakira. But Cartagena is full of passion. It’s on the Caribbean coast and it’s full of history. The best thing about it might be all the music, whether it’s salsa, meringue or techno. And you can spot some celebs hanging out there too.


At the moment, I’m busy helping other people reach their holiday destinations. But when I have some free time, I definitely want to spend more than 24 hours somewhere relaxing.

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