The Pros/Cons Of Plastic Surgery!


Everyone like to try and look their best. We all have different techniques of making yourself look beautiful. Most of these are temporary measures we use when we’re going out and want to look nice. However, there are more drastic procedures, like plastic surgery, which can be used as permanent beauty fixes. Plastic surgery isn’t for everyone, but some people wish to go through with it. Knowing the pros/cons of plastic surgery can help you understand it more, and decide whether it’s the thing for you.


Permanent fix

Having plastic surgery can provide a permanent fix to some of your beauty problems. Instead of waking up every morning and applying wrinkle cream, botox will take care of your wrinkles for life. Likewise, breast implants can stop you implementing techniques to make your breasts look that little bit bigger.


There are many different procedures to choose from. You aren’t short on variety. No matter what issue you have with your looks, there’s usually a procedure to help.

Confidence Boosting

Many women go for plastic surgery because they’re low in confidence. Plastic surgery can bring a serious confidence boost to your life. For some women, plastic surgery can be life changing. It’s never nice to feel self-conscious and not like the way you look. So getting plastic surgery can help you come out of your shell.



There’s an element of risk with plastic surgery. You need to trust your surgeon. For women, it can be better to hire a female plastic surgeon, as they can identify with you better. Still, there are lots of things that can go wrong in plastic surgery. Which makes it a very risky decision.

Healing Time

A lot of procedures require you to take time out to heal, which can be frustrating. If you work, then you may have limited days off, and plastic surgery could take up all your holidays. Which could mean no summer vacation for you this year!


Plastic surgery can be very costly. It’s a lot more expensive that buying cosmetic products, that’s for sure. Is it really worth spending all that money? It depends on who you are to be honest. For some, the cost may mean nothing. For others, it can be a problem.

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To sum things up; there are many pros and cons to plastic surgery. Before you decide on having plastic surgery, you must take the time to consider your options. Is it really what I need? Of course, the decision is entirely up to you and no-one will judge you for it. Just remember there are other ways you can enhance your beauty, without surgery. Changing your diet can vastly improve your appearance and well-being. For a lot of women, after going through pregnancy, and caring for a family, it can be easy to forget about your health. So you eat junk that isn’t good for you. Eating healthy foods can improve your beauty thanks to all the good nutrients/vitamins. Plastic surgery doesn’t have to be your only option, so think long and hard before going through with it!

Brilliant Beauty Hacks For Brand New Mommies

Does it feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day? When you have a baby, it means that you have a million things to do to take care of it. That doesn’t leave much time for you. Being a mom doesn’t mean that you can’t look fabulous. When you know that you look good, it changes your attitude towards life. That means the way you look can have a genuine impact on your lifestyle. Use these brilliant beauty hacks to change the way you feel about yourself.

Invest in your hair

If there is one thing you need to spend money on, it has to be your hair. If you get the right haircut and style, you don’t have to worry about doing much to it each morning. Talk to your stylist about your current lifestyle and explain that you don’t have much time. Your hairdresser should suggest the right style to suit you. What you need is something that is low-maintenance so that you don’t need to stress too much.


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Shift your baby weight

If you have excess baby weight, you need to get rid of it sooner rather than later. You could get some cosmetic surgery to help you get rid of those extra pounds and make your body look incredible. Take a look at for information about different surgery options. You should get all the information you can before you have your surgery. That way, you will know what you need to do after you have had the operation. Look at your options and decide whether this one might work for you.

Get lash extensions

If you spend ages on your makeup routine every morning, you need to cut it out. Semi-permanent makeup might be a solution for you. If you want to wake up and be ready to hit the town – you should look into getting special treatments to help you along the way. One thing that you might want to consider is lash extensions. A beauty specialist will extend your natural lashes so that they look much fuller than they do right now. That means that you won’t have to bother with mascara or eyeliner when it comes to drawing attention to your eyes.

Curl your hair overnight

If you want to curl your hair, but can’t afford to waste hours doing it, you should do it while you sleep. If you tie your hair in buns before you go to bed, you will wake up with beautiful wavy hair. You can use old bits of material to tie your hair or get special products that will help you do so. Don’t tie the buns too tight, or they will hurt your head. Instead, you need to make sure that the buns are comfortable and that you can sleep with them in your hair. All you need to do in the morning is brush your hair so that you have luscious curly locks.

Get a long lasting manicure

Rather than spending ages painting your nails each week, why not get a manicure that lasts you more than a month. You can now get gel-based paint that does not chip or break. That means that you can keep your nails looking fantastic without having to work too hard at all. After around six weeks, you can go back to the salon to have them remove your paint and replace it with a fresh layer. This tip is perfect if you want to save yourself some time.

Looking amazing doesn’t have to be a full-time job. If you use these easy hacks, you can look fantastic while putting in almost no effort. Perfect!

Bright, Beautiful Eyes Can Be Yours!

As mothers, our eyes can begin to suffer. We don’t get enough sleep, and we certainly don’t have all that much time to apply lotions and potions. I’m lucky if I can scrape together any money for a yearly facial these days. Having bright eyes is a beauty must, because they give away a lot about the way we’re feeling. They can be the difference between us looking amazing, and looking dull/tired. Try these simple tips to get bright, beautiful eyes and see what a difference they make.

Use Eye Drops

There are eye drops out there for all kinds of eye problems. If your eyes are itchy or irritated, there’s an eye drop for that. However, if you just want brighter eyes, buy a regular eye drop. Always read the instructions to make sure you’re buying the right product. Pay attention to the way your eyes feel afterwards too. If they irritate them, you should stop using them.



Apply a Quality Under Eye Cream

A quality under eye cream will work wonders. It’ll reduce puffiness, reduce dark circles, get rid of lines, and more. You might need to test out a few brands before you find one that works for you. Read reviews before splashing out.

Use a Colour Correcting Concealer

Colour correcting concealer is a lifesaver if you have dark circles. Simply apply it before your regular concealer/foundation, and it’ll make dark circles magically disappear. Different colours do different things for the skin, so make sure you know what you’re using before you use it. This is a beauty must have!

Use a Quality Regular Concealer

Your regular concealer should be of a high quality. Using concealers that are cheap can lead to them settling in lines and making the eyes look worse. Although it might seem like a bit of a splurge, they usually last for ages.

Add a Spot of White Shimmer in the Corners

This is a tip that all savvy women should know. White shimmer, in the form of an eye crayon or shadow, can help to brighten up eyes and make them look larger. Simply dab a small amount in the inner corners of your eyes, and the outer corners if you wish. It instantly makes eyes look brighter, whiter, and more awake. Try it!

Curl Your Eyelashes

Applying a good mascara is all well and good, but don’t forget to curl your eyelashes! Many women think that this part isn’t important, but it is if you want your eyes to look their best. It’ll make lashes curlier, look longer, and the mascara will work so much better on them. No need for falsies at all! Here are my tips for curling:

  • Heat up your eyelash curlers for a few seconds with a hairdryer before use.
  • Go over each set of lashes twice before applying your mascara.
  • Hold the curler for a good 10 seconds before releasing.
  • Don’t be too rough – you don’t want to pull your lashes out!
  • Always test the heat of the curler before applying to lashes. You don’t want to burn your eyes.

Now go ahead and get the eyes you’ve always wanted!


Making the Most of Your Body Type

Making the most of your body type

After giving birth it is easy to let your wardrobe become neglected and out of date. Shopping for some new clothing can help you to regain your confidence and feel better about yourself. When you do, it is important to make sure that you choose the right clothing for your body type. A proper fit can go a long way to making sure that you are accentuating the best aspects of your figure while downplaying others. Motherhood doesn’t have to mean that you are too busy for great style and sex appeal. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your body type if you are a circle, hour glass, or mother-to-be.


Circle girls tend to have slender shoulders and arms with a thick middle. Many circle body types try to wear clothing that is too large and draping to look good on them. A slightly fitted jacket paired with bootcut jeans can look great. Go for styles that show off your legs and shoulders. The sexiest selection of plus size lingerie will flatter your body and provide the support you need to ensure you look your best. Plus your partner won’t be able to resist you!

Hour glass

The key to dressing the hour glass body type is to make sure you don’t go over the top and show too much. You are lucky to have a shape that is easy to dress. Avoid jackets that are not well tailored. Jackets should be fitted at the waist or they risk looking too “boxy” on you. This can be a challenge to find but well worth it as a fashion staple of your wardrobe. Well-fitted bootcut jeans will help show off your natural hour glass figure.

For the mother-to-be

If you are currently pregnant you may want materials that offer room to expand. Pants with elastic sides and a semi-fitted tunic top can offer a lot of style and comfort. Who cares if you have to buy larger clothing in a few months? It is important for your self-confidence to be able to feel beautiful throughout your pregnancy. The investment in clothing is well worth it. Your happiness is not just important to you but also to your unborn child. Avoid clothing that is too large even if it is tempting as your pregnancy progresses.

Tips for a great fit

Make sure that you measure yourself before ordering clothing and compare that to the proper size charts. Clothing and lingerie manufacturer sizing can vary a lot from brand to brand. You also need to think about layering. If you are wearing a shirt underneath a sweater, it may be better if the sweater is a size larger depending on how snug a fit you are comfortable with. Some women find it helpful to look at pictures of celebrities with similar body types in order to get flattering fashion ideas that suit them.

Wake Up With Makeup

When you’ve got small children (or large children) it’s an ongoing battle to get enough sleep to function. Getting enough sleep to look bright eyed and bushy-tailed? Impossible. Luckily, you can fake that well rested pre-baby glow with some carefully applied beauty products.


Illuminating Base

A standard moisturizer is a good start, but to really add some brightness to your skin you’ll need something a little stronger. Consider trying an illuminating moisturizer or BB cream to even out your skin tone and liven up your complexion before you move on to the foundation.

Highlighting products also work well to illuminate your skin. Products like the iconic Touche Eclat from YSL will brighten your eyes and highlight your cheekbones, disguising your exhaustion.

Conceal, Conceal, Conceal

The number one weapon in any tired mom’s arsenal is her concealer. Find the right shade and you’ll be looking like you actually got eight hours of sleep sometime in the last five years.

Use a peachy shade for dark under eye circles and a green (we know, it sounds weird, but trust us) concealer for areas of redness. You can also add a small amount of concealer just above your eyebrows and blend for a lifting effect. Try not to overdo the concealer or it’ll look cakey and far too obvious, rather than pretty and natural.

Smudge and Blur

Instead of going for angular lines with your eyeliner, smudge the pencil and use a little eye shadow to create a more natural effect. This will draw attention upward and away from the bags under your eyes.

Plenty of Mascara

Mascara is a miracle tool when it comes to creating a wide awake look. Find a great mascara in a dark black shade and zig-zag upward from the roots to get the most volume and length from your lashes. This will automatically open up your eyes and make you look more alert.

Rosy Cheeks

Disguise a pale, worn out complexion with a natural peachy blush. Cream blushes work well- they’re easy to blend and come in thousands of shades so you’re sure to find one that gives you a pretty,

flushed look. Work upward along your cheekbones and blend well- if the color looks too severe against your skin then use a matte powder to soften the effect.

A Pop of Color

The final touch should be your lips. A bright, bold color will add energy and zest to your face, and keep you smiling all day long.

The 10 Biggest Beauty Don’ts

We all try our best with our makeup and beauty routines, but sometimes we don’t quite get it right. If you’re anything like me then you’re bound to recognize some of these all too common beauty mishaps. Avoid them like the plague!


1. Over-Plucking: Many teenagers and newcomers to the world of tweezing and waxing make this mistake. Although a well-groomed brow is a beauty must, overdo it and you’ll be in for weeks of a constantly surprised expression. Over-pluck consistently and you may thin your hair for a lifetime.

2. Forgetting To Blend: Don’t let a morning rush out of the house leave you with harsh lines and confusing contours made by hastily applied foundation. Take the time to blend and you’ll get a more natural, pretty look.

3. Over-Spending: Don’t be pulled in by glossy ad campaigns- an expensive product isn’t necessarily a great product. Find drugstore classics that work for you and stay within your budget. That overpriced mascara will probably look exactly the same on your eyelashes as your trusty Maybelline.

4. Sleeping In Makeup: It can be tempting after a long day to just jump in bed, but always take the time to remove your make up thoroughly and cleanse your skin, or you may end up with clogged pores and premature aging.

5. Excessive Exfoliating: A weekly exfoliating treatment can do wonders for your skin, but overdoing it will leave you with irritated red rashes that won’t do you any favors.

6. Towel Drying: Rubbing your hair to death with your towel after you get out of the shower could be making your locks dryer, frizzier and causing split ends. Pat your hair with your towel and then leave it to dry naturally for a smoother, softer look.

7. Pile On The Tan: A little light fake tan is a great way to go golden without damaging your skin in the sun, but stay away from shades that are too dark from your skin to avoid that oompa loompa effect.

8. Shampoo Your Curly Hair: Curls benefit from extra moisture, so invest in a soap-free cleanser to fight frizz.

9. Over The Top Eyelashes: Fake lashes can be a great way to brighten your eyes and are particularly handy for special occasions, but pick a pair that’s too big for your eyes and you’ll look silly.

10. Over-Glossing: A lipstick with a bit of shine is fine, but overdone lip glosses can be sticky and give you the appearance of a girl fresh out of middle school experimenting with makeup.

The Best Beauty Diet

When it comes to taking great care of your skin and staying beautiful well into your 30s, 40s and beyond, what we eat is just as crucial as the products we use. You can slather on all the expensive eye creams in the world and spend a fortune on your hair conditioner, but you won’t get results unless you’re taking care of your insides as well as your outsides.



Water is the number one most important thing for keeping your body running happily and you looking your best. Skip out on your minimum eight glasses a day and your skin, hair and nails will all suffer. Even worse- you’ll feel run down and dehydrated before you know it.

Carry a large water bottle around with you at all times to make sure you’re sipping consistently throughout the day, and make sure you add extra water in if you’re working out or spending time in the sun. Your skin will thank you for it.



You’ll find antioxidants in all of those deliciously colorful fruits and vegetables- from bright red peppers to blueberries. Get as much color variety in your diet as you can (and we’re not talking about skittles here) to defend your skin against free-radical damage. These fruits and veggies also contain other vital nutrients and vitamins which will keep your body healthy and bring brightness to your skin.



You’ve probably heard plenty already about the amazing power of omega-3 fats, but it’s always worth mentioning again in case the message hasn’t sunk in. Omega-3s can improve the elasticity of your skin, strengthen your hair and make it shinier and slow down the aging process. Not enough to convince you? These fats also protect against cancer and improve the overall health of your brain, including your memory.

You can find omega-3 in seafood, nuts, olive oil and vegetables- so eat up.



Zinc is one of the most important vitamins for healthy skin. If you’re deficient in zinc, you may suffer from acne, dry skin and eczema, so it’s crucial to get enough in your diet. The biggest zinc-boosting foods tend to be meats, particularly red meats, but vegetarians can find it in lentils, beans and pumpkin seeds.



This B-vitamin has a major impact on your nails, hair and skin, so if you’re lacking in it you could be effecting your outer beauty as well as your inner health. Biotin can be taken as a supplement, but it can also be found in almonds, eggs and salmon.

Natural Oils For Natural Beauty

Looking your best doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune on beauty products that are potentially toxic, packed full of ingredients you can’t pronounce and potentially tested on animals. Nature has provided us with plenty of high quality, low cost beauty products that are safe, soothing, and best of all- effective.

As you age the focus of your beauty routine tends to shift over from clearing skin and piling on the makeup to moisturizing and keeping your skin looking as supple and soft as possible. Natural oils are the best choice for this kind of skin treatment, providing maximum moisture with minimal irritation. Here are two of my favorites:


Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of those magical products that has a thousand different uses, so I always keep a big jar in my house ready to be used for a ton of difference circumstances. It’s awesome for diaper rash, cooking, cleaning teeth, and of course, moisturizing your skin. Here are a few ways to incorporate coconut oil into your beauty regime:

* Cleanse skin: coconut oil works as a wonderfully soothing facial cleaner, just smooth over skin and gently rinse away with a warm cloth to remove makeup and clean your face without irritation.

* Moisturize: even if you don’t clean your skin with coconut oil, you can put a small amount on after washing to soften and smooth. This goes for your whole body too- slather it on legs, arms and anywhere that feels rough and dry to instantly moisturize.

* Condition Hair: every now and again, rub some coconut oil into the ends of your hair to tackle split ends and deep condition.

* Shave: skip out the overpriced shaving gels and use coconut oil to shave your legs.


Argon Oil

This oil originates in Morocco, and has been treasured as a natural beauty secret in the region for centuries. We’ve finally got hold of it in the west, and it’s truly an amazing elixir:

* Moisturize: argon oil works as a dry oil, so it glides onto your skin without making it feel greasy or shiny. Put it on your face and any other dry areas every morning and night for beautifully soft skin.

* Exfoliate: when combined with brown sugar, argon oil makes a perfect exfoliating scrub to use on your body or to soften your lips.

* Bath oil: Relax and unwind in an argon oil bath and you’ll emerge feeling de-stressed and moisturized.

* Hair treatment: argon oil can be used from the roots to the tips of your hair for a weekly conditioning treatment- simply leave overnight for maximum results.

Beauty On A Budget

Making your dollar stretch is a problem many Americans face. When you’re a mom, there are usually more important things to worry about financially than your looks. We focus our spending on health insurance, diapers, clothes that get grown out of in a month and birthday presents. However, it’s important to take the time to look after yourself, too. Keeping up with your beauty routine is a great way to stay in touch with the person you were before you had kids, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.


Perfect The DIY Mani-Pedi

Getting your nails done can be time consuming and costly, so practice the art of the at home treatment. Invest in a few colors for different occasions and practice your polishing so that you never have to pay anyone else to paint your nails again. This way, you can save up those spa dollars for a treatment you can’t do yourself, like a much-needed relaxation massage.

Try Lowlights

If you regularly get your hair colored you may not want to give up on playing with the shades, but you could save money by altering your treatment. Go for lowlights rather than highlights- they last much longer because you don’t need to deal with the roots growing out, giving you longer stretches of time between visits to the salon.

BB Cream

If you like to wear something on your skin every day but don’t need heavy coverage, you could combine the power of your moisturizer and foundation with a BB cream. These skin products give you even, light coverage and keep your skin soft and smooth, providing a natural look that saves you from dipping into your foundation when you’re just hanging around the house.

Create Your Own Products

Still spending money on face masks and scrubs? Why bother when you can make your own at home. Simple kitchen items can easily be combined to make masks for various skin ailments, and natural oils can be mixed up with brown sugar to create your very own budget body scrub. Experiment with ingredients and create your own beauty magic.

Use Less

It may seem obvious, but using less of your products is an easy way to save money that many people ignore. For example, when you wash your hair in the shower you probably don’t need a whole handful of shampoo to get your hair clean. Try using slightly less of your products and see how much you can stretch out your beauty budget.

5 Steps To Fight Acne

Even if your teenage years are far behind you, acne may not be. Many adult women suffer from acne well into their 20s and beyond, despite seemingly trying everything to battle these irritating little bumps.

Just in case there are a few things you’ve missed out, here are five easy steps that you can take to finally tackle your adult acne once and for all.


1. Benzoyl Peroxide: This ingredient is in many of the OTC acne products out there, and it’s there for a reason. Benzoyl peroxide is one of the most effective treatments for acne currently on the market- it works well for many people and comes with minimal side effects. You may get a little dryness and irritation when you first begin using a benzoyl peroxide product, but this is easily treated with extra moisturizing and a little time.

2. Salicylic Acid: If benzoyl peroxide is too harsh for your sensitive skin, salicylic acid can be a gentler alternative. It probably won’t work well on more severe acne or acne that’s primarily hormonal, but it can do wonders for milder cases. Salicylic acid exfoliates and brings down inflammation with very few side effects. You’ll find this ingredient in many face washes and toners aimed at the teenage market, but there’s no reason you can’t give it a go.

3. Sulfur: Products containing sulfur can work well as a spot treatment, rather than an all-over face cleansing product. Sulfur dries out your zit overnight, removes dead skin cells and works as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial product. It’s also better suited for dry skin than benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

4. The Pill: A combined-hormone birth control pill may be a good fit for you if your acne has hormonal causes. However, pick the wrong pill and you could be in for an even worse case of acne than you started with. Aim for an anti-androgenic option and consult with a doctor or dermatologist first to make sure you’ve got the right prescription.

5. Antibiotic Treatment: Stubborn acne can sometime be treated by antibiotics, both topical and oral. Oral antibiotics are usually prescribed for under six months, or until the acne clears up, while topical antibiotics are applied daily. Both these treatments tend to be well tolerated by most users, and can be very effective for even the most chronic acne. Speak to your doctor if you’ve tried all of the OTC options and want to try something different.