Amazing Natural Ways To Clean and Be Clean

If you’re like me, you’re always on the lookout for quick and easy life hacks. Having kids around twenty-four hours a day means it’s difficult to get everything done around the house. When we’re rushing, we tend to buy the most powerful cleaning product, or the all-in-one skincare creams. But these might not be the best choices for a family household. Instead, I’ve had a look at some great natural alternatives to harsh chemicals that can be used safely every day.

When it comes to cleaning, I often pick the products that smell the most lemony. Fresh lemons can be just as effective for cleaning. The fragrance is naturally aromatic without the need for added extras. Lemon is pretty good at cutting through those greasy drips that turn up on the kitchen worktops. It also combats the greasy, meaty smell those drips have left behind. Add a slice of lemon to a steaming bowl of water while you are cooking to reduce the odors even further.

If you like to feel thoroughly buffed and cleaned in the shower, why not try a natural sponge? They can be a little rougher than the man-made variety, so they are great for those areas that get a bit dry and rough from time to time. Other brilliant beauty hacks include the use of pure water to hydrate your body from within and on the outside. Spending a little extra on the natural spring water avoids all the extra chemicals that can come from tap water. Pour just enough into your palms to splash your face after you wash, to remove the day’s residues.

Another natural treat for your skin is Australian Tea Tree Oil. It can cleanse, tone, and heal skin blemishes. It can be used for so many things that it’s one of the best natural products to have around the house. Aloe vera and natural clay can be used to deep clean and replenish your skin too. Use the clay as a face mask before washing off thoroughly and replenishing with aloe. If your skin is a little sore, treat with tea tree oil first before using a mask.

If you have ever tried dieting, you know that natural, unprocessed foods are always recommended. Many of your foods can also be used to help nourish your hair and skin on the outside. Papaya, in particular, has been raved about recently for drawing out the toxins from your pores and softening the skin. Cucumber slices on the eyes can help refresh your eyelids. It also helps the body settle irritated tear ducts.

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The most mighty of natural cleaning products has to be vinegar. Used on glass and other glossy surfaces, vinegar can cut through the grime and brings out the shine. Some people like to use hydrogen peroxide on stains, but you may find this a little too harsh to use around children. You can reduce how much hydrogen peroxide you are using. 3% strength is more than adequate when used in a 3:1 ratio with lemon juice. Add a dozen drops of lemon essential oil and you have a great stain remover and clothing whitener with natural ingredients. Enjoy a naturally clean day today.


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