My Advice for Single Mom’s on Vetting Potential Dates!

As a single mother, there are plenty of dating tips for how to get guys. But, now that


Glamorous Getaways I’d Love to Go On

Michael Gwyther-Jones   The great British weather hasn’t been consistent as hoped for and though I get to travel for work sometimes, there’s not much opportunity to catch some sun as much as I would want to. As great as it is going away with the kids, I would love to go away with my


My Advice To Help You Quit Smoking & Live A Better Life!

(Image by PublicDomainPictures There are numerous questionable lifestyle choices that we make in our lives. Sometimes we

House & Home

A Guide to Setting Up Home Together

Link to Image Moving in together is a big step and an exciting one to take. It signals


The Pros/Cons Of Plastic Surgery!

(Image source: Everyone like to try and look their best. We all have different techniques of making yourself look beautiful. Most of these are temporary measures we use when we’re going out and want to look nice. However, there are more drastic procedures, like plastic surgery, which can be used as permanent beauty fixes.


How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Picking the perfect wedding photographer is so important. This person is in charge of one of the most


Is it Time for You to Have Another Baby?

There comes a time in every couple’s life, when they start to discuss children. Usually, the first baby is called ‘the practice baby’. This is because new parents learn as they go along. You might be content with one child, but many aren’t. When you have another baby, you might just be a little more